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How to Enable & Use Multi Currencies in Innoventry Software?

For the Enable Multi-Currencies in Innoventry Software, you need to follow given steps:

First, Go to Setup > Settings > Accounting Settings

Then Go to Master > Multi Currencies for the Creating New Currencies in the software.

  • Here You need to Create Currencies as per your Requirement.
  • Then Click on NEW Button & Create a New Currency.
  • Enter details of currency & Click on Save Button.
  • After this Configuration Go to Setup >Settings>Sale Print Settings.
  • Select Particular Print Format and Enable Print Invoice in Transaction Currency.
  • Then Create a New Ledger or Edit Existing Customer.
  • Click on Bank Details Tab & Select Currency.
  • Click on Save Button.
  • Create Invoice with particular Ledger and Select Applicable Currency and Conversion Rate.
  • Then Click on save button.
  • Invoice Value automatically converted as per conversion rate in selected currency.

(E.g. If you have created company with Indian currency & you want to Export Material to Zambia and if you enter rates in Rupees, then its automatically converted in Zambian currency as per conversion rate)

  • Now Invoice is ready to share.

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