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Hylo.Biz – Payment Partner

Hylo.Biz - Our Preferred Payment Partner

Innoventory is proud to have partnership with Hylobiz, its another step to offer our customers seamless invoice collection and get paid on time.

Innoventory is pre-integrated with Hylobiz, that would help you in managing invoice collection from Hylobiz as well. As Hylobiz is integrated with different payment and banking channels, it would help you in offering convenience to your buyers in picking their mode of payment.

Hylobiz Dashboard is a powerful tool that offers real-time view of Payables and Receivables. The platform also offers offline collection tracking thereby enabling tracking of Cheque and Cash payments from your buyers. With a simple 3-step registration, you can access all powerfull features of Hylobiz.

With Hylo.Biz integration you can generate the payment links for:

  • Generate the payment link for a transaction
  • Generate the payment link for net outstanding

Visit our help section to understand how to configure the Hylo.Biz integration.

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