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Innoventry Online – Pay Per Transaction


  • Allows 200 transactions with all features of Premium Edition. After that recharge within software.
  • GST Billing, Accounting and Inventory Management software for Small, Medium & retailer shops Business. Easy to use. No technical and accounting knowledge required.
  • Cash/Credit Sales via various payment modes like Cash, Credit Card, Paytm, UPI. Receipt Printer, Inkjet/Laser Printer Support.
  • GST Reports, Financial Reports and lot more


Innoventry software is very Easy to use. No technical and accounting knowledge required.
Most of the booming businesses had one thing in common and that was the simplicity of their billing process, fast accounting and efficient inventory management. Innoventry Software provides you with the solutions of these problems faced by businesses at their initial, preparatory and expansion stages. Being one of the most trusted and fastest selling software, can make your business at par with the leading businesses and hence improve the yield and profit to its vitality.

Features available in Lite Edition:
1. Unlimited Customers
2. Unlimited Suppliers
3. Unlimited Items
4. Unlimited purchase
5. Unlimited invoicing GST or Non GST
6. Barcode Scanning
7. Charges & Discounts in sale
8. Item Discounts
9. Use logo & signature on Invoice
10. Verify GSTIN of customers & Suppliers
11. Multiple Payment Mode
12. Save invoices as PDF
13. Send Free SMS to customers on Sale
14. Manage stock of items
15. Auto back-up
16. Create GST Reports
17. GST compliant Invoices Print Formats
18. Invoice on receipt printer(58 mm / 80mm), A4 page or A5 page
19. Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Report
20. Sale & Purchase Register
21. Seller Report
22. Customer Report
23. Inactive Ledgers
24. Day Book &Cash Book
25. Trial Balance
26. Business Dashboard
27. Single company
28. Support by Email Only
29. You can use it for life time without paying anything
30. Upgrades are valid for one year