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How do I add service in purchase transaction?

For add service in purchase transaction: Go to Menu Transaction>purchase
Fill the required information related to purchase transaction. and click on “Add Item” button to add the item in table.
To add service, click on button “Add service” to add service which is applicable on item.

  • Service: Select the service from list, To create new service type “new” and hit enter the service frame will open.
  • Quantity: Quantity is by default one, if you want to change, you can change.
  • Rate: Enter the rate of service.
  • Amount: If you enter the the rate, then amount will be calculated automatically. If you want to change, you can change it manually
  • Deduct Tax from Amount: If deduct tax from amount is applicable, amount shows rate with deducted tax to all inclusive rates. If deduct tax from
  • amount is not applicable, tax will be added to rate.Tax: It shows tax applicable on service.Tax Amount: It shows tax amount applicable on service.Total Amount: It shows total amount of service.

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