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How do I create payment mode?

  •  Go to Master > Ledger
  •  Create a ledger of Bank account type.
  •  There can be multiple payment mode for the one bank account.
  •  Go to Master > Payment Mode
  •  Click on New Button from toolbar
  •  Fill the details of Payment Mode
    •   a. Name: Name of payment mode eg. GooglePay, PhonePe
    •   b. Ledger: Select the ledger(Bank Account type)
    •   c. Type: Select the type eg. for GooglePay it will be MobileMoney
    •   d. Description: Fill the description if any
  • Click on OK/Apply button.
  • How to use payment mode
  • while doing sale/purchase transaction there is option to select payment mode.
  • Where I can see the payment mode wise Balance?
  • Go to Reports > Sale Reports> Payment Mode Report Click on show button

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