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How to create consumption transaction?

  • Consumption Transaction is used to record the consumption data. To open Consumption Transaction Dialog:
  • Go to menu ,Transaction > Consumption.Add the detail fields. Date: Select the date of Consumption Transaction.
  • Voucher No.: Enter the voucher number. To visible voucher number field in transaction dialog, go to Setup > Voucher            Configuration Select CONSUMPTION name > Click on Edit button > Set Voucher Generation, Type Manual.
  • Ref No.: Enter the ref number.
  • Item: Select the name of the Item from the List of Items. The current stock will be displayed automatically.
  • Quantity: Enter the quantity of the items that are being consumed.
  • Unit: The unit of the item is selected by default. However this can be changed.
  • Description: Enter any details or descriptions related to the selected item.
  • Rate: Rate of the item consumption is selected by default. However this can be changed.
  • Amount: The amount shows the total consumption amount for the selected item.
  • Click on the button Add to add consumption item in the table.
  • Click on button Edit to edit or modify the selected item in the Consumption.
  • Click on button Delete to delete selected item in the Consumption.
  • After adding details, click on the OK/Apply button.

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