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When do I create multi Transaction?

  • yes, you can create entries of monthly salary excluding Sunday in Multi transaction.for that, go to Transaction > Multi Transaction

Date From: Enter the start date.
Date To: Enter the end date .
Transaction Type: Select the transaction type to do Multi Transaction.
it include 3 types of transaction
Time Period:Select the time Period in which you want to do multi transaction.
It is either in Monthly or Day wise
if you select Monthly then you need to fill
Day Of Month :enter day of Month.
Date Variation:Gaps between transaction days.
Exclude Sunday:If you want to do transaction including Sunday then uncheck the checkbox.
Ledger Debit:Select the ledger to which you want to debit the amount.
Ledger Credit:Select the ledger by which you want to credit the amount.
Generate Amount Randomly:if you want to generate amount randomly then tick on the checkbox.
once you tick on the checkbox you can see the below fields,
Range from :Enter the starting range.
Range to : Enter the ending range.
Amount multiple of: select the multiple factor.
Max Amount: Assign max amount once you enter max amount then total bill amount not exceed that amount.
If you don’t want random entry then fill the ‘Amount’ which you want to assign for each transaction.
Description:write description in box.
click on Show button .
click on OK button.

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